20 years of roofing experience to inspect, install and repair.

When looking for a roofer, you want someone who’s experienced and knowledgeable. Silver Lining Roofing has proudly served the Treasure Valley for over 20 years. We have grown our customer base through hard work and integrity, resulting in the trusted company we are today. Silver Lining Roofing’s experts are Owens Corning Preferred Contractors and certified in GAF and CertainTeed. If you have a residential roof, we can help to inspect, install or repair your roofing project today.

 Our Provided Services:

  • Roof Inspections
  • Asphalt and Metal Roofs
  • Re-roofing and Repairs 

Types of Roofing :

ashalt shingles color examples

Architectural Asphalt Shingles: Architectural shingles are high-quality dimensional or laminated shingles that add beauty to your roof. They are made from a fiberglass mat base with ceramic coated minerals that are embedded in water-resistant asphalt.

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Residential Low Slope Roofing 

Owens Corning has applied its 75 years of building science technology to introduce the DeckSeal Self-Adhered (SA) Roofing. An excellent solution for low slope applications

Metal Roofing in Boise, Idaho

Metal Roofing:

A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles characterized by its high resistance, impermeability and longevity

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About Your New Roof

As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor we utilize the Total Protection Roofing System. This system allows the homeowner to feel safe, protected and provide peace of mind. The system consists of


Keep your home cool with our Intake (soffit) vents/Exhaust vents. Built for ventilation assuring your home stays cool even on the hottest days.


Hip and ridge shingles being the front line of defense assuring your roof is protected from the elements for years to come and you can rest assured with it will last with our 30 year to life time warrantee.


We create a self adhered ice and water barrier Synthetic underlayment. Assured protection from those dreaded water leaks so even when it’s cold outside you can stay warm inside.

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owens corning prefered contractor

Our Process

A roof inspection will be conducted to observe any potential problem areas, pitch of the roof and existing damage. We will strip away the existing roofing material down to the decking for a thorough inspection of the bones of the roof. We replace roof decking only in rotten areas with photos and discussions of the findings prior to replacing.

1. The crew begins between 7am – 8am with a large dump trailer being delivered to your home and placed as close to the house as possible. We request vehicles typically parked on the driveway or in the garage be moved to the street prior to 7am.​

2. There is debris that will be tossed to the ground during the replacement therefore any valuables around the property should be moved indoors including patio furniture.​

3. Satellite dishes and antennas will be taken off during the re-roofing process and either discarded in the dump trailer or re-attached. If re-attachment is preferred please be aware that re-installation may require the satellite provider and an interruption to service may be experienced.​

4. If skylights are on the home please be aware we will be able to see into your house during the roof replacement process.​​

5. There may be extra materials delivered to the job site as we occasionally drop off more supplies than needed in order to save time. The remaining product is property of Silver Lining Roofing.

6. Flowers, trees and bushes close to the house may get damaged when shingles are discarded and we do our best to return your lawn to its original state after our job is complete. ​

7.​ It is a loud process – nail guns, compressors and walking on the roof can make it difficult for nap times, animals and working from home.​

Virtual Design Tools

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GAF virtual remodeler icon

Want to see what your house would look like with new shingles? Try out the GAF virtual home remodeler tool.

Owens Corning virtual roofing design eyeq
Owens Corning virtual roofing design eyeq

Want to see what your house would look like with new shingles? Try out the Ownes Corning DESIGNEyeQ Tool.

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